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Bank Holiday.

You may not realise it but asbestos is all around the home. Spring is on its way, and that  means only one thing: Bank Holidays, which results in so many of you DIYing. But i wonder how many of you are really sure of the dangers of asbestos that you may find around the home, for example the textured coating (artexing) that you find on some ceilings and walls, which could have been made with asbestos. Replacing light fittings, switches, putting up pictures and mirrors could be a worry. In the kitchen, those old floor tiles could have asbestos paper backing on them, so could turn in to a more  complex job than first thought. You cant be sure whats lurking about around the home,  especially if it was built or refurbished before the year 2000, so before you start the Bank  Holiday DIY jobs beware. It can take a long time before the body shows signs of being affected from asbestos.

So please take care and have a safe Bank holiday!


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